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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a full event last?

The actual performance time will depend on the package you select (see Packages page) but generally about 1 hour.  The live show is ~20 minutes, role-playing/lesson ~20 minutes plus Q&A.  This does not include the set-up and tear down of the set.

Who are the actors/performers?

All of our performers are young, with professional acting experience.  Each of them has spent many years honing their craft.  You can read more about our actors on our About Us page.  We maintain multiple casts for each show to best accommodate scheduling needs.  For that reason, we do not guarantee specific actors for a performance.

How much does a show cost and how do I pay for it?

Our package options and pricing are available on the Packages page.  We will work with you directly to understand your choices, date options, and payment options.  We accept credit cards, cash, and Venmo.  Payment in full is due upon booking.

Does Backyard Broadway plan my entire party?

We will supply the entertainment for your special event but we leave the full party planning to the experts!  We are happy to lead your full group in the Happy Birthday song, if the occasion merits, as part of our finale.

How far will Backyard Broadway travel?

Typically, we will travel up to 25 miles from downtown Cincinnati.  If you are outside of that range, please contact us.

Can my child be a part of the show?

Absolutely! Our Shakespeare Package has been designed to integrate your special actor into the show.  For more information on the packages, please visit the Packages page.

What shows does Backyard Broadway perform?

We have written original scripts telling stories you are likely very familiar with, told in a way that is easy for young fans to understand while keeping it light and completely age-appropriate.  Our current shows are Snow White and Treasure Island.  For more information on our current show options, please go to the Shows page.

What do I need to do the day of the party?

The only thing we need is a space to set up our stage/set (approximately 20x20ft).  Our audiences typically sit on the ground for the performance but you are welcome to provide seating for your guests, as these are not included.  You can get a better understanding by viewing photos from recent shows on our Gallery page.

What happens if bad weather arises the day of the event?

As we are an outdoor performance company, we will be watching the weather closely on each event day.  We will continue to perform in most conditions (cold, heat, and light rain).  If weather prohibits an outdoor performance (ex: extremely high winds, heavy rain), we will make the decision up to 2 hours before the event.  If Backyard Broadway cancels the event, a full refund will be provided.  In all other cases, no refunds should be expected.

Do we leave the kids with you until the performance is over?

Unfortunately, we just can't be in two places at once... in the audience watching the kids and giving our best performances on stage.  While we design our productions to be as engaging as possible for all ages, kids are still kids.  For that reason, we do ask for parental support during the show.

What is Backyard Broadway specifically doing about COVID?

Our performance space designation acts as a natural barrier between our actors and the audience so we can maintain more than 10' distance.  To that end, we can discuss any other requirements when arranging your event.

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